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Friday, September 4, 2009

More questions from readers like you

We have gotten some good questions lately. Here is a sampling:

Q: What is the weather like? (submitted by multiple readers)
A: The weather for the first month and a half of our trip was similar because we were close to the equator. It was generally a high of 90 to 95 degrees and fell to between 70 and 75 degrees at night. In the last few days, it has become more variable. Starting in Rio, it was about 10 degrees cooler. Then, in Sao Paolo, we arrived at 5am and it was about 50 degrees. Tara just about froze. It will now get colder as we go South, though it is now going into Spring since seasons in the Southern Hempisphere are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. In a few weeks, we'll be in snow and it will be cold...

Q: Are you now in really good shape after all your travels? (submitted by BD)
A: Are you implying that we weren't in really good shape before? I would say we are in about the same shape. We do walk/hike a lot and we often travel with 30 pound packs on our backs, but we also eat a ton and spend a lot of time just sitting on buses. We weighed ourselves on the free scale at a supermarket the other day, and we are about the same weights as when we left.

Q: Can Andy stop shaving and getting hair cuts? (submitted most recently by AJ)
A: This is a surprisingly common request. No, I fully plan to continue shaving and getting hair cuts. As much as I like the hippie look, I will leave it to my parents' generation.

Q: What is the best place you have been? (also submitted by multiple people)
A: That is like asking which child is a parent's favorite. Even if they have one, they won't tell you. We really liked the Gran Sabana in Venezuela, the forests of Suriname, the sand dunes in Brazil, and Iguacu Falls so far. I'm sure that there will be many more.



  2. how many more places are you going to untell you come home?.

  3. hi andy my name is don padgett was you scared when the spiter got in your pants

  4. what was your favorite food

  5. Have you seen a horse on your trip.

  6. what is the best food you guys have tasted

  7. Andy whatis the best animal have seen in the places that you have been.

  8. Curtis, my favorite ice cream has been the dulce de leche in Buenos Aires at a store called Freddo. Dulce de Leche is a lot like caramel and is very good.

    Kaylee, we have about 12 more countries to visit before we come home for Christmas. After Christmas, we are going to several more.

    Don, I was very scared when I found the spider in my pants. I hope that I don't find any more.

    Taylor, we have had many very good foods. I really love the dulce de leche, which is like caramel. They put it on almost everything here. It is what they use instead of peanut butter.

    Natalie, we have seen many horses. In some places, the horses are even wild--they can go anywhere that they want.

    Tobey, I already mentioned the dulce de leche, but I would also mention the all-you-can eat places that bring big pieces of meat on huge swords.

    Mindy, the best animal is hard, but I would include the whales, the coatimundis (sort of like raccoons), and the guanacos (like llamas).

    Thanks all for the questions!

  9. Do you listen to different music. Do you like all the music.

  10. have you riddin in a car since you left or sold every thing

  11. have you seen any deer yet

  12. have you seen any cats?

  13. hi this is jenna andy are you and tara going to iceland or green land or cuba

  14. Hi everyone, thanks for your questions and I am sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you!

    Marissa--we have heard lots of different types of music in the many countries we have visited. There is great dance music in Brazil, and in Salvador one night bands were playing live and lots of people were dancing in the streets. In Uruguay, we heard great tango music, which usually features an accordion. Guitar music is also popular, and we saw a lot of guitar shops in Paraguay and Peru.

    Taylor--We usually ride in buses here in South America, but sometimes we ride in a van or a car. In Peru, taxis are sometimes cars and sometimes motorcycles with extra seats and wheels added in the back! We will post a picture of one of these "tricitaxis" soon.

    Don--We actually haven't seen any deer yet. Lots of llamas and alpacas and guanacos, but no deer. They are apparently rare down here.

    Elysia--We haven't seen any big wild cats yet, like the puma or jaguar, but lots of people have cats as pets and we have had a chance to play with them. We miss our own cat, Quincy, who is living with Mrs. Cahill now!

    Jenna--Great question! Those are all supposed to be exciting places to visit, but also kind of expensive or hard to get to. We probably won't visit Cuba on this trip, but I don't know about Iceland and Greenland...if we get to those, it won't be until the end of next year. We'll keep you posted.